Course Checklist


  • I’ve double checked course dates. A ten day course actually spans 12 days in total. Please double check your course finish date and make plans accordingly.
  • I know how to get to the centre. For directions see Directions page under The Centre
  • I have the center’s phone number for emergencies, see Contact Us page for details I have packed everything I need.

What to bring

Required Items (Not Provided)

  • Alarm Clock, flashlight, and batteries for both. (You may not use your cell phone or other personal electronic device as an alarm clock).
  • Top and bottom sheet and pillowcase for a twin-size bed.
  • Enough comfortable, loose fitting, modest, “somewhat baggy” clothing for the duration of your stay: pants or skirts that cover your knees when you are meditating (when sitting either on a chair or on the floor), T-shirts without distracting images and words. If you have tattoos, please bring clothing to cover them so they do not distract others. These guidelines allow other students to focus on their meditation more easily.
  • Towel and all needed toiletries, non-scented personal hygiene articles and feminine sanitary protection.
  • Water Bottle.
  • Any prescribed medication you are taking. Please make sure you bring enough for the entire course.

Suggested Items:

  • Indoor footwear/slippers: easy slip-ons e.g. clogs, flip flops, etc.
  • A shawl or light blanket other than your sleeping blanket for use in the meditation hall.

Seasonal Items

  • Seasonal outdoor wear: raincoat, umbrella, boots, hat, warm clothing

We provide:

  • Meditation cushions: We supply a large base cushion for every student. We have a limited supply of smaller sitting cushions, so please bring any additional cushions that you may need.
  • Bedding: sleeping pillow and one light fleece blanket. A limited supply of extra blankets is available so you may wish to bring one of your own.

Do not bring

Distracting Clothing

  • Tight, transparent, revealing or otherwise striking clothing (such as low risers, shorts, short skirts, tights, leggings, sleeveless, tank, low-cut or skimpy tops) should not be worn at the center. Modest dress is required for both men and women.


  • books, diaries, journals and other reading/writing materials
  • smart phones or tablets (These cannot be used as a watch or an alarm clock during the course)
  • electronic equipment such as personal computers
  • musical instruments
  • personal food items
  • tobacco in any form
  • non-prescribed drugs (you may bring supplements and vitamins with permission)
  • perfumes or strongly scented toiletries
  • religious or spiritual objects
  • jewelry or other unnecessary valuables

If you arrive with any of these items you will be asked to leave them with management or lock them in your car until the course ends.